Area Converter online


The conversion of units from one set to another is sometimes hectic. So the online unit conversion calculators are a great help. There are plenty of area units that you may not know. Therefore our area unit conversion calculator is the best choice. It will give ease of solving complex equations in less time.

Now here are some area units with their conversion ratios. So let's dive into it.


Acre to Hectare

Acre and hectare are the most common units used for area measurements. However, it is easy to convert the acre to hectares with a simple conversion method. For converting acres into hectares, you need to multiply the number of acres by 0.404.


Acre to Square foot

The online area unit conversion calculator can convert acres to square feet. In addition, there is a simple way for a land area converter that is also quick. First, however, multiply the area value by 43560 to convert acres of the area into square feet.


Acre to Square inch

A square inch is a smaller unit than an acre and even square foot. If you want to convert the acre to the square inch, it is equivalent to the acres after multiplying by 6,272,640.


Acre to Square kilometer

The square kilometers are the standard unit for areas you notice while traveling. However, if you want to convert the acre to a square kilometer, it equals acres after multiplying by 0.004047.


Acre to Square meter

Acre is the most used area unit in every field, including agriculture, construction, and many more. However, if you want to convert an acre to square meters, remember that one acre equals 4046.86 square meters.


Acre to Square mile

Square miles is the most used unit for long distances. The square miles area is equivalent to acres after dividing the acres by 640.


Acre to Square yard

One acre of the area is equal to 4840 square yards. Now for converting acres to square yards, you need to multiply it by 4840.


Square foot to Square meter

The conversion of square feet to square meters is not tricky. According to the area conversion metric, one square foot is a square with o.3408 meters on every side common length conversions. So now it is clear that one square foot equals 0.09290304 square meters.


Square foot to Square mile

The square miles or miles of the area is a common unit for traveling or describing distances. The square mile of the area is equivalent to the one square feet after multiplying by 3.587E-8.


Square foot to Square yard

There is a small difference between square feet and a square yard of area. However, you can convert it quickly even without using any calculator if you are good at maths. To transform the square yard area, remember that it equals the square feet after dividing by 9.


Square inch to Acre

A square inch is the smallest unit of area. For example, one square acre of the area is equivalent to a square inch by dividing by 6,272,640.


Square inch to Hectare

The area in hectare is equivalent to square inches when you multiply by 6.4516E-8. You can also use the online area conversion calculators, which give you quick conversion with fewer chances of human errors. You just need to select the conversion calculator according to unit sets and enter values to get a quick answer.


Square inch to Square foot

The area in square inches and square feet is common. You can find it in every equation and need to convert it from one set of units to another. However, the square feet of area equal square inches when you divide its value by 144. So it shows that the square foot is the bigger unit than the square inch.


Square inch to Square kilometer

A square kilometer is a bigger unit than a square inch. Therefore, the one square kilometer of area equals the square inches when you multiply it by 6.4516E-10.


Square inch to Square meter

The conversion of a square inch to a square meter is easy. One square metres is equivalent to the square inches when multiplied by 0.000645.


Square inch to Square mile

The area in square miles is bigger than square inches. Now, if you want to convert the square inch to the square mile of area, then it is equal to square inches after multiplying with 2.491E-10.


Square inch to Square yard

The area in square yards is equivalent to the square inches when you divide it by 1,296.


Square kilometer to Acre

The acres are bigger units than square kilometers. According to area unit metrics, there are 247.10538146717 acres in one square kilometer. To convert the acres to square kilometers, you need to multiply it by 247.10538.


Square kilometer to Hectare

The square kilometer is smaller than a hectare unit of area. According to the area units metric, there are 0.01 square kilometers in one hectare unit of area. So to convert the hectares to square kilometers, you need to multiply it by 0.01. Or you can also divide the value by 100 to convert the square kilometer by hectare. 


Square kilometer to Square foot

The square kilometer is a bigger unit than square feet. There are 10763910.41671 square feet in one square kilometer. However, to convert the area in square kilometers to square feet, you need to multiply the value with 10763910.41671


Now you can convert the area units according to your requirement from one set to the others. So it is not a tricky task. But to avoid human errors, it is best to use the area unit conversion calculators and get quick results in seconds.