Energy conversion calculator


The energy conversion calculator is a great help. You can convert the energy units into a wide range of other units. However, energy also has a comprehensive set of units. The energy magnitude varies and causes different impacts, like low energies at microscope levels or the enormous amount of energy in nuclear bombs. Therefore, we use plenty of energy units at workplaces or in daily life.


You can use our energy conversion calculator or energy conversion table according to your needs. For example, you can convert the basic units of energy like joules to kcal, joules to KWH, and many more.


The energy conversion formula calculator allows you to compute the units frequently according to your needs. Moreover, you can also convert the energy unit to other sets like temperature or weight, like convert mass to energy and some others.


Here are the primary energy units you can convert into a wide range of units.


British thermal - Electronvolt

The British unit is BTU. The one electron volt is equivalent to the one BTU after multiplying with 6.5851E+21.


British thermal - Foot-pound

Using our energy unit conversion calculator, it is easy to convert the BTU or British unit into a Foot pound. However, you can also convert it manually. One Foot pound is equivalent to 778.1693 BTU.


BTU to Gram calorie

One British unit is equivalent to 252 grams of calories. Using the energy conversion calculator, you can convert the more significant number of BTU into gram calories. It reduces the chances of errors, and you can get quick results to save time.


British thermal - Joule

A joule is a famous unit of energy that is also the most used. Using the energy conversion ratio, you can convert the British unit to the joule—multiply the BTU with the energy conversion ratio to get the converted value. However, the one-joule energy equals the British unit after multiplying it by 1,055.055853.


British thermal - Kilocalorie

The British unit is equal to 3.9700 Kilocalories or Kcal. You can convert the British unit into K calories by multiplying it by 3.9700.


British thermal - Kilojoule

The one kilojoule energy is equivalent to the British unit after multiplying with 1.055056. The energy conversion calculator uses the same numbers to find the exact value of the British unit to kilojoule energy conversion.


British thermal - kilowatt hour

Kilowatt-hour represents the energy that you spend in one hour. However, one kilowatt of energy equals 3412 British units per hour. It means that one kilowatt has 3413 BTUs.


British thermal - US therm

US Therm is a non-SI unit of energy. One therm is equal to 100,000 British units. The 100000 British units are equal to approximately 105 megajoules. However, use the energy unit conversion calculator to convert energy units according to your requirements quickly.


British thermal - Watt-hour

The BTU into watt-hour is a simple energy unit conversion. The watt-hours energy unit is equivalent to the British units after multiplying by 0.293071.


Electronvolt to BTU

A British unit is an energy unit that is commonly used. One British thermal is equivalent to one electron volt after multiplying with 1.5186.


Electronvolt to Joule

Electron volts and joules are units of energy belonging to two different systems. Electron volt of eV is a standard energy unit, and joule comes from the international energy units or is represented as SI units. However, one electron volt energy equals 1.607× 10-19 Joules.


Electronvolt to Kilocalorie

A kilocalorie is a bigger unit than a calorie in energy units. However, the kilocalorie unit of energy is equivalent to the one-electron volts after multiplying with 3.8293E-23.


Electronvolt to Kilojoule

Now kilojoule and joule are the most used SI or standard international units of energy. You can use energy conversion calculators or energy conversion tables to convert units from one set to another. However, the one kilojoule of energy is equivalent to the electron volts after multiplying with 1.6022E-22.


Electron Volt to kilowatt hour

The energy in kilowatt-hour is easy to measure and used in most equations. However, if you have energy in electron volt and want to convert in kilowatt hour, use the energy conversion calculators. However, the one-kilowatt hour's energy is equivalent to the electronvolts after multiplying by 4.4505E-26.


Electronvolt to US therm

The primary formula for converting electron volt to thermal energy is 1 Electron-Volt = 1.51893368815439E-27 Therm (US). Keep in mind that the electron volt energy is smaller than the US therm by 6.5837118967674E+26 times.


Electron Volt to Watt-hour

Watt-hour is a smaller unit of energy than kilowatt hours. The watt-hour energy is equal to the electron volts after multiplying with 4.4505E-23.


Foot-pound to BTU

The energy conversion calculators have one-way energy conversion tools that help to convert energy in any unit. However, you can quickly convert the foot points to British units using the instant online calculator at our site. Keep in mind that one BTU is equal to 778.17-foot pounds of ft Ib.


Foot-pound to Electronvolt


The one foot pound energy is equal to 8,462,350,936,293,971,968.00 electron volts or eV. Convert the energy through calculators to get the quick and right results with fewer human errors.


Now you can use these guides for converting energy units from one set to others. But it is always advisable to use energy conversion calculators to minimize the errors and get more accurate results.


We hope this guide will help you convert energy units and ease your work.